Thursday, February 17, 2011

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how to exit the maze of law Gelmini?

Gelmini The law is largely enabling legislation, then we will need more than 40 legislative decrees to complete.

One of the few parts immediately feasible is that concerning the reform of the academic bodies (President, Board, Senate, etc ...) and the articulation of internal University (Faculties and Departments), governed by art. 2 of the reform.

These days, all universities are creating the committee that will draft the statute "constitution of the universe"!
will be a new kind of year zero, so it is good that the student representatives make a common front to give the universities a statute, within the limits posed by the dramatic reform Gelmini, close to the students and promotes the student representatives.

To escape this maze of legislation we propose some guidelines on which to coordinate in the coming months:

1. Composition democratic and transparent commission statute, promoting the presence of all members of the academic world. Students are identified preferably by the student councils, paying attention to the technical skills and experience;

2. Clarifying the role of the Rector , in the Member counterweights to the specific term of six years;

3. External members on the Board , important to clarify who will choose the external members, to avoid leaving all the weight decision to the rector;

4. The relationship between the Senate and Board , the first is profoundly weakened and often reduced to only advisory, the second is not elected but appointed. In the system of government university, and therefore the reform of the statutes, it is desirable to be identified compensatory measures within the competence of the organs.

5. student representation: the law, students are entitled to representation in the Senate, Board of Directors, evaluation unit, intra-department decision-making body, the Joint Committee student-teachers (the latter two relate to the departments). Plural representation should be protected in all these organs, without which students are represented only knows part of the representation;

6. The statutes approved by the universities are sent to the ministry to be evaluated. Want to practice that make up a committee Ministerial assessment (see eg Ruperti and Berlinguer.) ask the commission to be formed and there is a representation of CNSU

where the full link to read the entire document analysis: / index.php? option = com_content & view = article & id = 84: Reform-of-statutes-dateneo-manual-of-survival & catid = 35: Articles & Itemid = 54


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